Case Closed - Specials
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Episode 1 Wait For Me Episode 2 The Wandering Red Butterfly Episode 3 The Santa Claus in Summer Episode 4 Detective George's Mini-Mini Big Strategy Episode 5 The Ten Planets in the Night Sky Episode 6 Play It Again Episode 7 The Mysterious Murder Plan (The Making of Conan) Episode 8 Conan vs. Kid vs. Yaiba - The Grand Battle for the Treasure Sword!! Episode 9 16 Suspects!? Episode 10 Conan, Heiji, and the Vanished Boy Episode 11 Conan, Kid, and the Crystal Mother Episode 12 Time Travel of the Silver Sky Episode 13 The Target is Kogoro!! The Detective Boys' Secret Report Episode 14 Follow the Vanished Diamond! Conan and Heiji vs Kid! Episode 15 Shinichi Kudo's Written Challenge Episode 16 A Challenge from Agasa! Agasa vs. Conan and the Detective Boys Episode 17 Magic File Episode 18 Shinichi Kudo Returns! Showdown with the Black Organization Episode 19 Black History Episode 20 The Casebook of Female High-School Detective Sonoko Suzuki Episode 21 Shinichi Kudo, The Case of the Mysterious Wall and the Black Lab Episode 22 Lupin III vs. Detective Conan Episode 23 Shinichi and Ran, Memories of Mahjong Tiles and Tanabata Episode 24 The Stranger from Ten Years Later Episode 25 Kid in Trap Island Episode 26 The Osaka Okonomiyaki Odyssey Episode 27 The Revived Phantom Thief Episode 28 Shinichi Kudo's Written Challenge! The Mystery of the Legendary Strange Bird Episode 29 Niigata~Tokyo Souvenir Capriccio Episode 30 Fatuous Detective!? Kogoro Mouri Episode 31 A Secret Order From London Episode 32 Television Personality Maomi Yuki's Worries Episode 33 Kaitou Kid's Busy Date Episode 34 The Princess Prefers Magic Episode 35 A Witch Sheds No Tears Episode 36 The Fated Blue Birthday Episode 37 Love on the Ski Slope on Christmas Eve Episode 38 Shinichi Kudo and the Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder Case Episode 39 Flower of Fantasista Episode 40 The Miracle of Excalibur Episode 41 The Splendid Rivals Episode 42 The Secret of the Red Tear Episode 43 The Witch, the Detective, and the Phantom Thief Episode 44 The Reminiscent Golden Eye Episode 45 The Tearful Crystal Mother Episode 46 Tears of Love for the Dark Knight Episode 47 Fugitive: Kogoro Mouri Episode 48 The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Day in History Episode 49 Happy New Year Mori Kogoro Episode 50 Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small

Case Closed - Specials

The son of a world famous mystery writer, Jimmy Kudo, has achieved his own notoriety by assisting the local police as a student detective. He has always been able to solve the most difficult of criminal cases using his wits and power of reason.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Mystery

Networks: YTV

Release: 1996-01-08

Status: Returning Series


Quality: HD

Rating: 6.4

Alternative Titles: El detectiu Conan, O detective Conan, Detektif Conan, Meitantei Conan, Case Closed: One Truth Prevails, Detective Conan

Season : 0
Season : 1